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@albericie debates @chriskkenny on media self regulation reform: And the winner is?

In ABC, Fairfax, Journalism, Margo Kingston, Media Reform, MSM on March 17, 2013 at 11:54 PM
Artist Martin Davies.

Artist Martin Davies.


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  1. Call me perverse, but that was a most enjoyable smack down and a glimpse into a vacuous Rupert minion parroting blatant political bias without doing his homework.

    I cannot understand why anyone could purport a position without reading the source document, in this case Finklestien

  2. You can see the frustration in Kenny. He just can’t accept that Emma Alberici won’t succumb to the media/journalist Groupthink. He seems almost incomprehending that someone in his line of work might have independent opinions. How dare you not think like the rest of us! LOL.

    As for his usual old claim that the ABC is “leftist”, doesn’t give conservatives a fair go – that’s equably laughable. He’s gotta be trolling.

  3. All Chris Kenny could contribute was the usual spouting of mindless & ignorant conservative drivel. You cannot reason with them as they are “always right”, in more ways than one. Emma Alberici was even accused of either having been hacked or of being a troll by some idiot. She had to contend with other rusted on conservatives, including Mark Textor, attacking her. Very typical of their type of dismissive bullyboy tactics, of the type of “go back to the kitchen woman” they use on intelligent, no-nonsense women, especially Julia Gillard.

    Emma won that tweet battle hands down. Yay!!

  4. Chris Kenny wears his ultraconservative views on his sleeve. He is an unabashed right wing commentator and anything that does not fit within his political points of view is beyond his intellectual capacity, so his opinions and replies to Emma Alberici are unsurprising.

    If he was walking on the right side of a footpath and a strong wind forced his body to slant left of centre he’d grumble and accuse nature of bias

  5. Kenny worked for the Rodent, so can hardly claim to be impartial or honest in that exchange. Likewise Textor.

    Both terrified that the regulator will have the cojones to make them adhere to the standards they set themselves.

    And that Rupert could well be found not to be a fit person to own media in this country.

    Usual knee jerk dingbat nonsense.

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  8. ” have read a lot including the entire Finklestein Report. More people should, Emma Alberici “
    lt is nice to know sometimes we get through. One down. Many more to go.

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