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Pollies citizens need to pass media reforms

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Artist Martin Davies.

Artist Martin Davies.

By Margo Kingston
March 17, 2013

Public support will be crucial to the success of the media reforms. Please contact the following key politicians whose decisions will determine the outcome. You CAN make a difference.

This list was kindly compiled by Barry Tucker @btckr

Adam Bandt Twitter @adambandt
Canberra (02) 6277 4775
FAX ACT (02) 6277 8583

Rob Oakeshott Twitter @OakeyMP
Canberra (02) 6277 4052
FAX: (02) 6277 8403

Andrew Wilkie Twitter @WilkieMP
Canberra (02) 6277 4766
FAX: (02) 6277 8579

Tony Windsor Twitter @TonyWindsorMP
emails |
Canberra (02) 6277 4722
FAX: (02) 6277 8545

Craig Thomson @DobellThommo
No Facebook
no email
Canberra (02) 6277 4460
FAX: (02) 6277 2123

Bob Katter @RealBobKatter
Personal website
Party website
Canberra (02) 6277 4978
FAX: (02) 6277 8558

Tony Crook
Kalgoorlie Office
Phone (08) 9021 1241
Mobile    1300 772 061
FAX (08) 9021 1506

Peter Slipper
Canberra (02) 6277 4490
FAX: (02) 6277 8405

The Nationals (traditional supporters of media diversity)

Warren Truss
Personal website
PARTY website
Canberra (02) 6277 4482
FAX: (02) 6277 8569

Senator Barnaby Joyce  @Barnaby_Joyce
Personal website
Canerra (02) 6277 3244
FAX: (02) 6277 3246

Darren Chester
Personal website
Canberra (02) 6277 4029
Fax: (02) 6277 8402
George Christensen
Twitter @GChristensenMP
Canberra (02) 6277 4538
Fax: (02) 6277 8508

John Cobb
Canberra (02) 6277 4721
Fax: (02) 6277 8543
John Forrest
Canberra (02) 6277 4550
Fax: (02) 6277 8532

Luke Hartsuyker
Canberra (02) 6277 4447
Fax: (02) 6277 8410

Michael MCormack
Twitter @M_McCormackMP
Canberra (02) 6277 4725
Fax: (02) 6277 8563

Mark Coulton
Personal website
Canberra (02) 6277 4607
Fax: (02) 6277 8504

Paul Neville
Personal website
Canberra (02) 6277 4940
Fax: (02) 6277 8559

Ken O’Dowd
Personal website
Canberra (02) 6277 4380
Fax: (02) 6277 8495

Bruce Scott
Personal website
Canberra (02) 6277 4949
Fax: (02) 6277 8421

  1. I just realized how pathetic I was. I started to copy email addresses and then when I realized I had to scroll down and include a lot more addresses, I thought “bugger this, it’s too much work!”. I’m not sure whether there are others like me who want all this change but aren’t willing to go that extra effort and stand up and do something, but it was a good mental jog for me. PS I did send them all an email.

  2. Some say ‘in the public interest’ others say ‘in the national interest’, I believe it should be in the interest of the consumer, who actually pays for the publication or broadcast.
    Rather than in the broader interests mentioned above that begin to look like political or pecuniary interests come before the individual’s right to fair and accurate reporting and journalism, free from the pressures of either the public or national interest.

  3. This page is worth gold! I put it under ‘favorites’ so I can access the details later as well. I e-mailed Barnaby Jones as he supported media changes in the past and hopefully will do so now.

  4. […] Pollies citizens need to pass media reforms. […]

  5. Not often I feel sorry for a politician.

    Voting yes will, of course, prove that these reforms are indeed necessary, because the big players in the newspapers will take it out on those who vote for it.

    And then of course, TA will reverse them if he gets in. No wonder Senator Conroy will not commit to putting it to a vote.

    Damned if you do … damned if you don’t.

    My description of the MSM – Lying Nasty Perfidious. LNP for short!

  6. Warren Truss email address to add to the above list is

  7. Darren Chester email address to add to the above list is

  8. Alrighty, emailed all the above, except for a few that had to be sent via forms on their website & 5 that I had to tweet as I could not track down their email either 😦

    Tweeted Open Letter as follows:,59

    Let me know if there are others we also need to contact or changes that I should make on open letter that will better state the case for Media Reform ‘yes’ vote 🙂

  9. I have put a daggy little Pub Poll about Media Reform on my Open Letter to MP’s, so please VOTE & ask others to vote as well, maybe if we get enough numbers can help sway some of the above?,59

  10. […] people you think would support this reform please read the list of MPs and Senators to contact here. I also suggest you contact your own Federal MP to give him or her feedback as […]

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