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The Opposition #NDIS no show. A rant from the heart by @R_Chirgwin

In Federal Election, Health, Ideology, Liberal Party, NDIS on May 13, 2013 at 12:37 PM
Wed, May 16 2013
People’s obligation in the first instance is to be in this Parliament.  — Warren Entsch:
  1. The LNP’s absence in Parliament in the chamber for the NDIS legislation … atrocious. Nutlessness as a service.
  2. So, Abbott tells the whip “nobody attend”. Whip tells nutless sheep “nobody attend”. What a grovelling bunch of coprophages they are.
  3. A minimal gesture of respect to the disabled would have put at least Abbott in the chamber for the NDIS first reading. (Yes I’m ranting)
  4. (Mute me if you like. Fight me if you dare) Abbott’s absence is the mark of the petty, vindictive, vicious, gratuitously nasty …
  5. … proud-to-hate, revelling in despising those who don’t fit his fresh-from-knuckle-dragging American philosophy … a shrivelled, heartless…
  6. …horror of a pond-scum, a dweller in the arse of life, a devourer of misery, the kith and kin, pith and epitome of the worst of Rand.
  7. Had Tony Abbott the faint shreds of decency you could attribute to a hyena, he’d have been present in the chamber. But …
  8. … This scummy vote-grubber, this little poseur of stunts, this infamous little ponce for whom “conscience” hangs in the wardrobe …
  9. … holding second place to his “imitation suit of the Lizard People” can’t manage to actually warm the SEAT HE WAS ELECTED TO …
  10. … to honour a move that is in favour of one of the most suffering groups of society. This man sucks shit lozenges and smiles.
  11. As for the rest of the LNP members. Having been lettuce-whipped into panting submission by your great leader, not one – NOT ONE of you…
  12. …Had the defiance, balls, gumption, womanhood, arse, or SIMPLE HUMANITY to turn up for the reading? Who stole your souls?
  13. …Are you that terrified of somehow squandering your “unassailable” lead in the polls that you turned yourselves into pumpkins?
  14. Today told the whole world that the LNP doesn’t care one quantum of a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut about anyone less rich than they…
  15. And with the bible of the greatest hypocrite of philosophy, Ayn Rand the benefit-taking individualist, in your hands, you promise…
  16. … greater misery to the poor, contempt for the disabled, ring-kisses for your friends, and a guarantee of Cyprus for Australia.
  17. I certainly hope people say nice things about you NOW, craven members of the LNP. Because even with good luck your obituaries …
  18. …will, in a world of justice, include the word “utterly cowardly cunts who didn’t even stand for things they endorsed.”
  19. The LNP members demonstrated nothing but the most bent-backed, subservient, obedient, “OMG the whip says no!”, witless …
  20. …unthinking, degenerate, cynical display of we-don’t-care shameless INSULT, not to the PM, but to the disabled.
  21. In a world in which shame meant something, the entire opposition benches would now be wearing sackcloth and apologising. Instead…
  22. …their lowbrow opinions are still given the weasel of media “equal time” while their sins are glossed.
  23. (give me a minute. The crescendo approaches but it’s as elusive as a trout on a cloudy day)
  24. My own disability, industrial deafness, is old and self-inflicted. My wife’s, I carry with love and work. But to every LNP member absent…
  25. …today, I cannot feel anything but utter contempt. You couldn’t even defy a Party Whip, whose worst punishment won’t affect your seat odds?
  26. …You wouldn’t have been dis-endorsed for showing up today, you bunch of spineless grubs? Couldn’t say it was worth it?
  27. Who stole that shred of humanity that joins you to the rest of us? What argument put your party affiliation…
  28. …ahead of that pale imitation of life you would have had by merely sticking your worn-out arses on a leather seat for a few minutes?
  29. How could anyone with warm blood, a beating heart, a last vestige of love, and more brains than my CAT have accepted an instruction…
  30. …not to be present at the NDIS first reading, is worth more than a hundred dyspeptic political columnists pimping their favourite leader.
  31. For your information, Lizard-man Abbott, the last time I claimed a non-Medicare government benefit was 1979. I think of this not for me …
  32. …but because if I had to choose between a coal miner and an invalid for my tax dollars, I choose love over pollution, you prick.
  33. And I, as a small businessperson in two hats, am supposed to be your natural constituency. I’d rather eat chocolate-covered cockroach.
  34. The NDIS chamber photo was not just a parliamentary money-shot. It was an exemplar of small minds performing small acts…
  35. …and these small minds will perform their small acts, but on a large scale, based on discredited economics and the last twitches…
  36. …of economics-based-on-religion. There can’t be anything worse in life than Calvanist ideas administered by a Jesuit, can there?
  37. .@GregJessop1 I will not shut up, Mute me if you wish. NDIS is important and right, and I have found a cause worthy of my blade.
  38. My father died in a nursing home, both brain and continence long gone. My wife and I nursed my mother through 16 years of …
  39. …incapacity in our home, on our own dollar, in the front room of our home. Ms T’s condition wouldn’t count for NDIS anyhow…
  40. …It will just kill her when the time comes and I DON’T CARE. NDIS is right, good, humane, ennobling, the stuff we’re made of…
  41. If we can’t grease the wheels of a wheelchair, we all need to live in bark-and-stick hovels and eat insects. If you resent NDIS …
  42. … Go and live in your American paradise, except America taxes more than Oz, so you’ll have to find your McDonalds in Somalia.
  43. Honestly, the day I couldn’t find a couple of bucks for the kid I used to play with in a wheelchair in 1968, I’ll hoe beans and eat soap.
  44. Unless I think of new aphorisms, insults for the shrivelled guts of the LNP, or different angels for the shameful LNP shit, that’s >exit<
  45. Oh yeah, a last thought. The LNP no-shows. The entire party, pretty much, didn’t even have the balls to stand AGAINST the reading.
  46. Their no-show was an “abstain”. Didn’t even have the balls to stand behind their two-bit imitation Ayn Rand principles. Just didn’t show.
  47. BTW, brain donors. Twitter isn’t journalsm. I don’t have to give equal time to different sides. Did someone suck your brains out straw-wise?
  48. In the 1980s my father died without NDIS. For 16 years we cared for my mother in my home without NDIS. I won’t benefit from NDIS…
  49. 1 RT @julie_library: @R_Chirgwin people with disabilities and their carers struggle every day.
  50. NDIS no show & now this “Opposition blocks bid to be with sick baby”… Seriously? Does Mr Abbott have any empathy?
  51. @debalicious Many thanks! I don’t often let the filly of my fury dance like that, but I was crying along with the PM.

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  1. […] you missed it, see last night’s awe inspiring rant by Mr Richard Chirgwin about the Coalition not bothering to turn up for the introduction of the DisabilityCare Bill. I […]

  2. The eloquence of the man and his assessment of the LNP is truly astounding – and surgically concise. I believe that Mr Abbott only wears his lizard suit in ‘moral’ company.

    *THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE* – For Mr Chirgwin & the PM.

  3. Beautifully and most eloquently put!

  4. Reblogged this on Like you care what I think… and commented:
    The epic rant of Richard Chirgwin should be preserved, especially as the media seem to have let this one go through to the keeper.

  5. Couldn’t agree more. Totally outraged. And I noted that not one media outlet/ TV shot portrayed the truth to the Australian people – except I believe for one small photographer. (And its possible only us on social media that got to see it)

    Shame. Shame. Shame.

    Thanks you for at least showing that someone cares.

    On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 12:40 PM, Australians For Honest Politics wrote:

    > ** > The Geek Rulz posted: “Storify by The GeekWed, May 15 2013 19:17:20The > Opposition #NDIS no show. A rant from the heart by > @R_ChirgwinR_Chirgwin@R_ChirgwinThe LNP’s absence in Parliament in the > chamber for the NDIS legislation atrocious. Nutlessness as a service.Wed, > M”

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