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Australians for Honest Politics is a new citizens journalism project in the tradition of one of the first, Webdiary. AFHP will abide by Webdiary’s principles, and we will fine-tune them for AFHP when we get time.

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Margo and Tony

  1. In retrospect I shouldn’t have been surprised when the MSM did not pick up this story, because it showed little or no interest in #AshbyGate, one of the hottest political and legal scandals in my lifetime. So Abbott slush has morphed into Ashby slush. Australians for honest politics have plenty to work on.

  2. Margo, ‘if only’. When John Elliott said to me; a non-entity in the scheme of things when I approached him in 1997 for a little assistance with the Pauline Hanson Support Movement. …that he was working with two other financiers in Melbourne and then went on to say ‘the money will not be there to help Hanson as such, but to clear the blockage in the Senate’, I looked around for a Bob Woodward, for a Carl Bernstein …I was politely told by the msm to bugger off.

    Margo in 1988 you interviewed me over the Foreign Land Ownership issue. I never understood why I was and remain ‘off limits’. At 79 I think that you might talk with me before I pass on. I still live on the Coast.

  3. Hi, Margo,

    I’m contacting you on behalf of Fair Media Alliance to ask you for permission to use an image that I found on the Independent Australia website. It’s the pastiche featured on Bob Ellis’s recent article, The Samizdat Years’. IA are saying OK, but telling me that they think it came from you. Do you mind if I use it? With appropriate credit?

    For Fair Media Alliance,

    • Hi Kate

      Tony here, the Geek. I created the image and you are welcome to use it.

      Cheers 🙂

    • Could you please credit with: Tony Yegles, @NoFibs

      • Done deal, Tony. And many thanks. As you’ve probably worked out, it’s a lovely piece of work – I wouldn’t want to use it otherwise.

        I hope you will forgive if I haven’t answered you in the most appropriate way – there might be something weird with your website, or with my computer. So I reverted to ‘here’. Hope you get the message.

      • All good. Cheers 🙂

  4. Ta muchly. Love your work. Have you got anything else we might love to pinch, er, re-blog, er…?

  5. Kate, we write a lot about journalism and ethics. You can subscribe to a feed – home page left hand column, check out tags in topic cloud middle column. Tony is a whiz with visuals. Seen this?

    I suspended my Alliance membership when I retired. How do I reactivate?



    • Hi Margo. It’s nice of all of you to take my humble request so seriously, and I thank you and take great heart from your care.

      You are probably mippsing us up with someone else, because you certainly never abandoned Fair Media Alliance. We haven’t been around long enough, in any case! And, retired or not, you wouldn’t, anyway.

      My very best wishes to you and yours. Let’s gird up our loins and get on with the biggest task that’s ever been allotted to any of us.

  6. So nice of you to ask. We’re nothing much – just another do-gooding website. .

  7. Margo, I’m not on Twitter or FB, but I heard you were looking for a response to Mia Freedman’s piece defending the PPL .. You might find Nicola Castleman’s critique useful( dated 8 May)

    I’m not sure it would suffice on its own, but …

    I’m VERY angry – the MSM seem intent on burying our PM’s achievements! Qld signing the NDIS agreement was only 4th item on ABC news tonight,

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