Citizen Journalism

David Marler

David Marler

David Marler

David Marler was born in Gosford, NSW.  He worked in the IT industry for twenty years for large companies such as Vodafone and Telstra.

When his son Jaden was born with a genetic deficiency he became an advocate for disability care and rights in Australia. He is a strong supporter of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (now relabelled DisabiltyCare). He moved to Queensland, where the ancestral family originated. At that time the State Government provided better care and therapy for his son.

David is a full time carer for his son and in quiet times contributes to the 5th Estate with his websites and

“I’m probably not much of a journalist but love to write. I’m quite good at collating and researching information; correlating dates to faces and events. I think our role as citizen journalists in the 5th estate is to question the main stream media through social media and blogging. We should strive to enhance what is reported but never seek to replace professional journalists.  Initially, I wasn’t expecting too much out of Twitter but I discovered so many wonderful writers and commentators that I was inspired to keep writing myself.”

David Marler



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