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Student Activist in the late 60’s and early 70’s. How could you not be?
I’m still doggedly swimming against the tide.
WORK (1970s and early 80s):
Industrial Officer then Federal Assistant General Sec, Actors’ Equity;
Ch 7 in News, Current Affairs, Willesee when we shot news on film;
Freelanced for Film Australia, Digby Wolfe Productions, E-News.
Discovered I preferred to be behind the camera instead of in front of it.
Set up post-production & production company VISUALEYES Productions (1984-2005).
Won a number of awards for our short issue-based trigger films of which I’m still very proud. They include:
Doggo Goes to Court (Australian Teachers of Media, ATOM);
MainStreet: PRIA Bronze;
Shotlister, the Movie: Chicago Short film-Bronze, NY Short Film Festival-Finalist, PRIA Gold award, and a few others I’ve forgotten;
Race Against Prime-Time: a short film on colour blind casting made for Actors’ Equity, financed and launched by the FFC, won a number of awards also forgotten.
Post-Produced a large number of the documentaries seen on the ABC, SBS and
Free-To-Air commercial TV during the 1990s until 2005.
For the last 11 years I’ve been teaching at the Petersham Media Centre, TAFE.
I’ve been married to His Nibs a few months shy of forty years. I know, I know, but I do like
And in answer to two questions still commonly asked – Yes I am an Evatt and we’re all
related. No, I am not a lawyer. I just seem to have a plethora of legal subjects acquired in
various qualifications and a half-finished law degree.
I’m also potty-mouthed.
  1. Please take a lawyer with you next time you go into a courtroom. Your ‘reporting’ on Ashby is better than most but again, when you clearly don’t understand what’s going on, you ‘fill inches’ which salatious, sensational speculation. Sadly mainstream.

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