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Cory and friends (not Abbott) respond to Investigative Journalist Jessica Wright

In Astroturfing, Margo Kingston on January 28, 2013 at 12:08 AM
Cory Bernardi

Cory Bernardi

Jessia Wright had a massive scoop on Abbott’s man Cory Bernardi who is now under fire over his extreme right lobbying.


TONY Abbott’s handpicked former parliamentary secretary Cory Bernardi has apparently breached strict rules by failing to declare his ties to a right-wing, pro-tobacco group fighting gun controls.
The organisation, the American Legislative Exchange Council, was involved in a High Court challenge against the Gillard government last year and has financial ties with big tobacco.
The US-based council is working with the National Rifle Association to block President Barack Obama’s guns crackdown after the Newtown school massacre.
Cory Bernardi has been an ALEC member since 2009.

Senator Bernardi’s apparent non-disclosure on his register of pecuniary interests comes as he has claimed his party’s first pick on the South Australian Senate ticket at this year’s election, virtually guaranteeing him another term. The register aims to ensure the public understands politicians’ financial interests and other benefits, including sponsored travel. Senator Bernardi is chairman of the Senate committee that polices declarations.

Cory and friends respond to Jessica.

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