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Imagining an amazing innovative future with Labor’s NBN

In Stephen Neate on April 14, 2013 at 7:40 PM
The choice of pill is most definitely yours...

The choice of pill is most definitely yours…

By Stephen Neate
April 14, 2013

We are living on acreage and there is nature all around, made more alive and real by the fact that it never seems to stop raining. It is so green and alive we can smell and hear life all around us. The stage is set for some spiritual epiphany about Gaia, although all I can think of are concepts that appear to exist more in science fiction than my immediate surrounds.

In another life I am sure I would have become an engineer or inventor, or perhaps that may come some time in the future. Either way, I believe the trick in life is to keep learning. Challenge your gray matter wherever possible, assume there is always someone smarter and more knowledgeable on any given topic than you, and just keep thinking. That – and a wish to be a Jedi in the future – is probably why I write software, enjoy coding and am passionate about this collection of computers tied together called the internet.

This internet thingy and the proposal of National Broadband Networks in Australia by differing political parties has been on my mind a lot over the past few months. The recent piss-weak proposal by the LNP has galvanised me into unexpected action. This is the second article about it I have written in a week. Normally my interaction online is very limited – hell I don’t even bother with microphones when gaming (I also swear too much and apparently some take offence, bless their fucking little souls.)

Anyway, the point of this article is to say:  The Australia of the near future that I want to live in needs the most state of the art top shelf broadband network ever invented.

I do a have few reasons why, but before getting into them I’d would like to explain a couple of tech points.

ALP = FTTH style NBN

LNP = FTTN style NBN

NBN – The ‘National Broadband Network’ for all intents and purposes means the internet for most people. It’s not actually, it is akin to saying that road outside your house is actually your work place. Unless you actually work on the road, that road merely provides a simple method for you to get from home to your work. The NBN is exactly the same. It allows your data request to go out and fetch information (email, movie, web page…) from a computer that is also connected to the NBN, as clearly all the information available to you is not residing in your house.

FTTN – Fibre to the node, a simple termination point of high speed fibre to a node near your premises. (home or business).

FTTH / FTTP – Fibre to the house or Fibre to the premises. As simple as it sounds – fibre running from the central exchange directly to the premises.

Copper – In relation to talks about the NBN this is the road outside your house. It is a seriously inferior product to Fibre Optics when talking about communication. It has worked well for countries all over the world, but just as we no longer use steam trains, the tech has advanced.

Nodes – Essentially they are the train stations for the NBN when switching between a 10 carriage train of bandwidth/speed down to the passenger car delivery to your house. These are an essential aspect of the fibre to the node NLP option and only allow high speeds to a premises when they are within a few kilometres to the premises. In other words we need a fracking truck load of them across the country (60,000+) that all require service, maintenance and enough power to probably run some of our smaller cities.

Fibre Optics – The so called new kid on the block, and I say ‘so called’ as it appears that researchers at Corning Glass found out how to make it commercially in 1970. More on Corning Glass shortly. Put simply this is undoubtedly the future of our tech, leaving copper so far behind as to appear stone-aged. Read the rest of this entry »

Punter @WhatYaThinkN will vote Labor to qualify for WST

In Federal Election, Noely Neate on March 5, 2013 at 6:38 PM

Mary River Valley residents protest against proposed Traveston dam. Kandanga Sept 2006 Picture: Annette Dew/The Courier Mail

By Noely Neate
March 5, 2013

I will most likely be voting ALP at this next election. That is an odd thing for me, because I am a fan of independents & minor parties. I personally feel that they are more accountable to the electorate because their only priority is the the electorate – not their party bosses as happens in the big political parties.

Noosa saw that very clearly when Cate Molloy was sacked by Qld ALP for representing the overwhelming majority of her electorate who did not want the Traveston Dam.  Obviously this went against ALP policy, so Cate was sacked (the federal Labor Government later refused to approve the dam) For us in Noosa that was offensive. Surely representing us, the voters, was the right and correct thing to do – surely we were more important than the party.

I have not voted for the ALP since my very first State election, and that was to end the reign of Bjelke-Petersen who had been in charge of Qld my whole life.  What happened to Cate Molloy reinforced my poor opinion of how much political parties actually care about the people in their electorate and what the priority is – not the punter 😦

The thing is I live in Wide Bay, one of the safest federal seats in the country.  Looking at all the attention Western Sydney is getting from both parties should be a lesson to the people of Wide Bay. We should not be bitching jealously about it, we should be studying it and learning from it!

I don’t know Mr Warren Truss at all. The only communication I have had with him is at the Meet the Candidate nights in previous elections, and I have to say he did not inspire me.  His attitude about the NBN alone was pretty insulting. He should have been fighting for us to have better infrastructure in our region so we can compete with the cities, To borrow a phrase from Mr Abbott, fighting for rural & regional communities should be in the National’s DNA. As the Leader of the Nationals, Mr Truss should not be advocating a sub-standard internet for our region.  If Joh could see this he would be rolling in his grave.

Joh was an ornery bugger. He would have fought the ALP tooth and nail on the NBN and taken every opportunity to trash them because that is the way he rolled. But in the background he would have been doing deals to make sure that we in Queensland got the benefits of the NBN first.  He might have come across as a doddery old bloke but he was a cunning man, who – as history shows – always took his ‘cut’ on any monetary transaction in this state. At the same time he did try to improve the State and put Queensland first.

After asking ALP people on Twitter, they don’t bother spending anything in Wide Bay because it is a SAFE SEAT for the Coalition.  Mr Truss improved his vote at the 2010 election and has a margin of 10.25%.  No other party is going to fight for the seat because they don’t have unlimited funds and won’t waste money on a seat they can’t win.

Where does that leave the people of Wide Bay? Read the rest of this entry »

Why this punter’s cheering for the underdog, despite her Labor colours

In Fairfax, MSM, News Limited, Noely Neate, Press Gallery on February 21, 2013 at 5:13 PM
Credit @GeorgeBludger

Credit @GeorgeBludger

By Noely Neate
February 21, 2013

I am not a big fan of the ‘hating the MSM’ club to be found on Twitter, as I really don’t feel you can lump a whole profession of print, radio and television journalists in the one basket.  I have seen some good reports in the Main Stream Media, albeit not too many in recent months.

I also often wonder how much of what we see is actually the individual journalist’s choice?  Regardless, the anti-MSM crowd are dead right on one thing. It does not matter what Prime Minister Gillard says or does, it will be spun in a negative manner.

This has been patently clear for months and, frankly, has gotten to an embarrassing stage.  I am sure there must be some news anchors out there who see their auto-cues and think to themselves, ‘Seriously, you want me to read this shit out on air, again…?”.

This morning is a perfect example.  By 9am I was yelling,  ‘For God’s sake just shoot me now & put me out of your misery’ at the computer screen & TV. All forms of media blaring ‘OMG! Gillard has folded on Victorian Government Hospital funding demands’ (or something similar).   In fact, if you actually get past the derogatory headline “Gillard buys health peace for $107m”, The Victorian Government has not been given any money. They (and most likely the Qld Government) have played silly buggers and not met the requirements of the agreement, so instead the funds ‘will be immediately paid directly to hospital administrators’.  No mention of that in the news. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story or a PM Bash, I suppose. And before any journalists yell at me, I have been one of the few actually defending you!  Exhibit A: Eleventy-nomics, Brough, Ashbygate Trifecta –  Proof MSM should not always be a dirty word.

Another aspect I hate is the non-questioning crap.  Since when can an opposition leader say whatever the hell he likes and not be asked one bloody question or asked to actually justify – back up with facts – the assertions being made?

The MRRT is an issue in point. The Government has been knocked pillar-to-post for not pulling in much cash for it.  I have to admit that as a punter I would have loved to have seen us, the public, get a bit more of our share.  As a small business owner, hell, I’d love to have even a quarter of the deductions the big mining companies get.  Anyhow there are a lot of factors involved and if you take the party rants out of the equation the fact is, Original mining tax ‘would cost billions’, the opposition once said. Again, no mention of that around the traps in the media, just a buried item by a well respected Economics Correspondent.

Speaking of which, I will not even start on how every single respected economist said that not trying to get a surplus was actually a good idea for the country in the current world economy… Again, never let the truth get in the way of a good story or media beat up.

I could write pages of examples. It looks like the ALP will be gone at the next election, and the media are making damn sure that they are buried.  Ms Gillard could perform the miracle of eradicating world hunger and it would still be spun as “Gillard enforces will on public” or “Who was screwed out of the Hunger deal” or “US unhappy not consulted by Gillard in latest world domination scheme”.

You get my gist here. It is really bloody sad.

Now I am not sure that the ALP are what is best for this country.  I am not a fan of single mothers being kicked in the guts and not a fan of the factional rubbish that goes on internally in the ALP, it is so not democratic.  BUT punters have a right to OPEN & UNBIASED information to make their decision. Read the rest of this entry »