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She’s still standing but the media is blind

In Federal Election, Journalism, MSM, Press Gallery on March 16, 2013 at 10:51 AM

PM Julia Gillard: “Well, the first thing I would say is, don’t write crap, can’t be that hard.” National Press Club 18/07/11

By @Thefinnigans
Source: The Bisons
The ides of March

AFHP:  This is the updated list of blindfolded journos and commentators, courtesy of @Thefinnigans, updated to the moment 

The Finnigans has collated this incredibly long list of failed commentariat predictions since 2011. Let’s not forget that this is the product the media is selling to us as quality insider information with context. In the 24 hour news cycle you can say and publish whatever you want and you get rarely held to account for your work, shoddy as it may be. Just last Thursday, the twitterverse went into overdrive over this quality false rumour:

How come they never explain how or why they were wrong? If it finally happens they will say they were right, but won’t admit they helped make it so. If it doesn’t happen they’ll try again. Accountability doesn’t happen for political journos, commentators or their bosses. And if they have their way it never will.


Twitter cures all things, even endless leadership speculation – Credit goes to @zackster for coining #Leadershit

Here is our running tally of 81 Leadershit stories stories from 42 insider experts.

PM GORN Inaugural Leadershit Trophy

PM GORN Inaugural Leadershit Trophy

PM GORN Inaugural Leadershit Trophy

goes to….

Fairfax Media
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